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Book Review – WordPress Made Super Simple

Before reviewing eBook ‘WordPress Made Super Simple by Jack Davies and Sarah Wiley‘, lets set the prelude.

In today’s digital age, information is floating everywhere. Gone are the days when one had to run to a library or book store for knowledge. The gadget in your hands, yes your mobile, is a walking encyclopedia. Having said that, reading books have not lost its sheen altogether, albeit one might not need a paperback version of book for reading. One can easily lay his hands on ebooks, kindle editions and of course, the hardcover versions.

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Today when people are diving into bringing their talents online, be it through blogging or business, one aspect that is common to all of them is designing and launching their own websites. Unless you have coding knowledge, you can easily build your site using WordPress.

What can be a better resource to have than a handbook with step by step guidance to design your own website and that too, a kindle version. Let’s discuss about one such handy book, “WordPress Made Super Simple” by Jack Davies (with Sarah Wiley)

What the book is all about

“WordPress Made Super Simple” is a kindle ebook. It is designed to guide people who does not have any background in coding to build websites in WordPress from scratch. The book contains lot of recommendations that will guide you to choose useful plugins, themes, widgets, and even domain hosting company.

The book also has a free bonus extract from the author’s follow-up book “SEO Made Super Simple” which unfurls before you key concepts of SEO.

The Author

Born in London in 1973, Jack Davies has been a professional writer and web designer. He, alongwith co-author Sarah Wiley, have been building websites since 1994. He is a fan of WordPress and have written a series of website instruction books. While Jack is the technical guru, Sarah is the editor tasked to simplify the writings so that the books are easy to comprehend and suitable for beginners.

My Review

For any novice for whom launching his/her own website is a nightmare, I recommend him/her to get hold of this crash course. The book is written in a simple chronological manner starting from registering your domain, hosting it, designing your site using WordPress and even posting your first “live” blog. The book will teach you how to use graphics, images, themes, plugins, and widgets in WordPress. The book also includes links that take you to online resources like plugins and additional reading materials. One slicing in the cake about the book is that the author have shared lots of pictures at every step from demo website design which make the book easy to follow.

In short, the book has everything you need to design your own website. The daunting task of website design will look simple once you have this book by your side!!!

Where to get the book

Currently kindle version of this book is available at 0 costs in Amazon.

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