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What is AIDA rule in Copywriting?

Have you heard of the AIDA rule in copywriting? Well, for most of you, it’s a new buzzword!

Copywriting is a key skill of digital marketers. It is a craft of writing persuasive text for the purpose of promoting, advertising, and marketing a product in order to persuade a person or group to take a particular action. Your salesmanship in text form.

In digital marketing, you reach your customers through your blog posts, Facebook ads, Google ads, email campaigns, paid ads, Youtube videos, and more. Here your writing skills come into active play in which you convert readers into clients. Everyone will agree that even driving more traffic to your websites OR inspiring people to read your blogs requires promotion!

AIDA Rule Formula

In advertising and marketing circles, AIDA is a foolproof formula for copywriters. The AIDA rule in copywriting outlines the chronological steps in writing amazing content that will turn a person from a “simple” reader into a potential customer who can generate leads.

AIDA stands for:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

Below infographic explaining AIDA:

AIDA rule

AIDA in Action

Let’s now try to visualize AIDA through an advertisement.


The above announcement is designed according to AIDA principles. The designer has used a background image of Indian kitchens with an eye-catching headline to grab our attention. The ad clearly conveys the profit (50% discount) and the values (lucrative restaurant hours). With this, the ad captures our interest and desire. Finally, with the button ‘Reserve your table now’, the advertisement motivates us to take action.

So, friends!! Are you ready to draft your next article keeping AIDA as your thumb rule?

Your persuasive writing skills will reap rich harvests wherever you go !!!

Opps!!!  Before I forget… Please keep in mind that the AIDA formula is not confined to sales, advertising, and marketing. In fact, you can use this formula in your resume or cover letter for job application.

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