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In computer jargon, plug-in is a piece of software that provides complimentary features or functionality to an existing program. Since WordPress is open source software, it gives developers the opportunity to add their own code, also known as plugins, to enhance existing functionality or add new functionality to the default WordPress software. These plugins are free or have a cost. However, unless you need ‘advanced’ functionalities, most plugins are free and well suited for improving your websites. Note that when I refer to WordPress sites, I mean sites created on WordPress.org. I will talk about the differences between WordPress.org and WordPress.com in another article.

Today I will talk about a useful plugin for food bloggers. Food blogging has become a popular topic for bloggers as anyone with a penchant for anything related to “food” can post their content online. They can specifically focus on recipes, restaurant reviews, or travel.

For a food blogger whose blogs include ‘recipes’, it is imperative that you present your content in a clear and engaging way. To achieve this, I recommend that food bloggers use Bootstrapped Ventures’ “WP Recipe Maker” Recipe Plugin. This plugin is easy to use and SEO friendly.

WP Recipe Maker works with both the classic editor and the Gutenberg editor in WordPress. You can add your recipes in a structured flow with options to insert images or videos.

View details of this plugin in below link:

How to use “WP Recipe Maker” plugin?

In order to find “WP Recipe Maker” plugin, open the admin page of your website (mywebsite.com/wp-admin/).
From the dashboard of the admin page, navigate to Plugins –> Add New.
In the search bar, look for the plugin “WP Recipe Maker”.

WP Recipe Maker1

Install and Activate the plugin.
Once the plugin is active, you can see “WP Recipe Maker” tab in the admin dashboard. You can access the “Settings” tab to set up various set-up options for the plugin.

Now, whenever you create a new post or page, you will notice “WP Recipe Maker” tab in the editor. You can press the tab to add your recipe to the post or page.

Following screenshots for further guidance:

Once “WP Recipe Maker” is pressed, you get “Create New Recipe” option.

WP Recipe Maker2
Various workflow to add recipes

WP Recipe Maker3
1) Import

Import from Text: You can insert your recipe name.
Import from JSON: This is an advanced feature of “WP Recipe Maker”.

Details: https://help.bootstrapped.ventures/article/197-import-recipes-from-json

WP Recipe Maker4

2) Media

WP Recipe Maker

3) General

WP Recipe Maker
4) Times

WP Recipe Maker
5) Categories & Equipment

WP Recipe Maker
6) Ingredients & Instructions

WP Recipe Maker
7) Nutrition

WP Recipe Maker
8) Notes

WP Recipe Maker13
9) Sample Look

Recipe Demo

“WP Recipe Maker” plugin has paid bundles as well: Elite ($149), Pro ($99), and Premium ($49). These bundles have more features that are useful for full-time professionals.

Pro bundle

The free version is good for beginners. I have been using the free version of this plugin for my food blog and its awesome!!!

Do try “WP Recipe Maker” to design your food blog and share your experiences!!

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