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Pinterest Button on Images Without Plugin – WordPress Site

Are you using ‘Pinterest’?

Launched in January 2010, and with around 250 million active users, Pinterest is a relatively new social network platform. If you are looking for sharing or browsing any creative ideas, you do so by pinning images and videos to your own or others’ boards and look for what others have posted. Pinterest is a useful platform to drive traffic to your blogs.

You might have noticed that for bloggers with a WordPress website, the images have Pinterest shareable button on image hover. The button allow easy pinning of the images to Pinterest account boards.

How do you embed pin it button into images? Obvious answer is “Use Plugin”.

As much as plugins facilitate your website with features and functionalities, they do slow down your site.

Today I will discuss how you can add your Pinterest share button to images without using plugin.

Relax and follow below steps:

Step1: Go to the developers site of Pinterest


Step2: In the ‘Widget builder‘ section, select ‘Button type’ —> Any Image. You can select the button either ‘Round’ or ‘Large‘ (Preview is available on right hand side).

Pinterest Developers Site

Step3: On the right hand side, copy the code snippet that appears under:

“Copy and paste this code into your page where you want your add-on to appear”

You have to add this code to your footer file of your WordPress theme.

Step4: Open your WordPress Dashboard. Go to Appearance –> Theme Editor.

WordPress Theme Editor

Step5: Under ‘Theme Files’ side bar, open ‘Theme Footer‘ file (footer.php).

WordPress Theme Footer

Step6: Go to the end of the file. Paste the code just above the </body> tag.

Press ‘Update File‘ button to save the content.

You are done!!

Now you can see the ‘Pin‘ button in all your images.

Try using this procedure for a change. Your valuable comments are always welcome!!!

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