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Your Best eReader – Kindle

If you are an avid reader of books, then one of the applications that your smartphone should be equipped with is “Amazon Kindle App”. As most of you will know, “Your Best eReader-Kindle” is a series of electronic readers designed and marketed by Amazon. The devices allow you to access, purchase, download and read e-books, newspapers, and magazines from the Kindle Store. In case you don’t have a Kindle device, you can download the Kindle application from “Google Play-store” and install it on your smartphone.

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Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you need to create a Kindle account with Amazon. Now, you can buy Amazon e-books right from the app.

You will notice that when you search for a particular book on Amazon, both the paperback version and the Kindle version of the book (if the book has one) are displayed. Kindle versions are generally cheaper and often free. You can buy the kindle version on Amazon, which will sync the book with your kindle account on your smartphone as long as your amazon and kindle account is the same.

You can also subscribe to “Kindle Unlimited” subscription for INR 169 per month and enjoy access to millions of e-books and comics. There are many e-books in the Amazon bookstore that are allowed free access if you have a “Kindle Unlimited” subscription.

Install this app and let me know your experiences of Your Best eReader – Kindle? Comment for any help.

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