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How to Install Google Analytics on WordPress Site

Just as having a website for your business is important, tracking performance of your site is vital too!! In this post ‘How to install Google Analytics on your WordPress Site‘, I will discuss about a fantastic analytic tool – Google Analytics that will provide you with information from your site such as:

Number of visitors coming to our site
Locations from where the visitors are accessing our site
Whether the visitors are organic or inorganic
Time visitors are spending in our site
Pages receiving more visitors
Real time metrics 

You will agree that all these information are so critical for us to maintain our site and business.

Let’s start by creating our google analytics account.

Step1: Open Google Analytics site

Step2: Click ‘Sign in to Analytics‘. Login using your gmail account.

Step3:Sign up‘ to your analytics account.

Step4: You will get option to set up your new account.

What would you like to track? —–> Choose ‘Website’

Under ‘Setting up your account‘: Enter ‘Account Name’, ‘Website Name’ and ‘Website URL’

Select your ‘Industry Category’ and ‘Reporting Time Zone’

Under the Data Sharing Settings section, keep the default selection.

Step5: Click ‘Get Tracking ID’.

Accept ‘Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement‘.

Your tracking id is ready.

Install Google Analytics on WordPress

Step1: In order to link your WordPress site to Google Analytics, you have to install a plugin ‘Google Analytics Dashboard

Go to Plugins —> Add New section in your WordPress dashboard. Search for ‘Google Analytics Dashboard’ Plugin.

Step2: Install and Activate the plugin

Step3: After the plugin is activated, you will notice an option ‘Google Analytics‘ in left sidebar.

Access the ‘General Settings

Step4: Now, you need to ‘Authorize Plugin’.

Time to get access code. Click ‘Get Access Code

Step5: Sign in to the ‘Google Analytics Dashboard’.

Step6: You will need to copy the access code.

Step7: Paste the copied code into ‘Access Code’ placeholder in the WordPress dashboard. Save ‘Access Code’.

Your plugin is now authorized.

Step8: Click on ‘Dashboard’ on the sidebar. You will notice ‘Google Analytics Dashboard’.  Here you can notice all the metrics.

Step9: In case you want to view more detailed information, you can access your ‘Google Analytics‘ account. There are various categories of report that will give you all the metrics you need to maintain and foster your website.

Great going!! I hope this article will allay all your doubts on setting up Google Analytics for your website.

So share me your experiences in the Comments section.

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