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Coworking Workspace – Emerging Office Culture

In India, startups are mushrooming like never before. More and more people are treading the path of  entrepreneurship. Herein comes the relevance of Coworking Workspace.

Coworking is a workstyle wherein people work in a shared workspace. People from diverse backgrounds or enterprises work in same place, but independent of one another. One can hire coworking space for a short period or prolonged duration, while sharing the place with other individuals, teams or companies. He/She can hire a single seat, multiple seats or ever private cabins. Coworking concept is slowly gaining ground amongst entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and small businesses. Even large enterprises are resorting to coworking culture.

Coworking has some obvious advantages:

  • For freelancers, working from home can be a tedious way of working. Shared workspaces provide a convenient environment to work without distraction.
  • For entrepreneurs and startups, renting an outlet for setting up office can be costly. Coworking enables him to get a workspace with all amenities like WiFi, Desk, Cabins, Pantry etc. with minimal overload. The members can avail office facilities with flexible pricing as per their preferences.
  • Another great advantage of coworking offices is that you get a business address which is very important to register your company.
  • Startups cannot anticipate the growth or reduction of its workforce. Coworking gives flexibility to accommodate workforce that can be dynamic in numbers.
  • Success of any business, especially startups,depends on networking. There is no easy way around!! Coworking facilitates socializing. People from various industries and streams come and work together. You can grow your network sharing, learning and working in a common place.WeWork
  • For small to large businesses, working in a shared workspace is cost effective as compared to a lease for regular office and burden of office maintenance costs. Moreover, with companies requiring employees to travel a lot, office spaces are not optimally used, resulting in waste of resources. Coworking is a blessing in disguise.

In India, coworking workspaces are setup by local as well as bigger companies. There are more than 200 companies providing coworking offices. Some of them have local presence while players like WeWork spans in multiple cities.

Following are some of the coworking office providers in India:

BHive Workspace
91 springboard
Red Brick
Include Space
Spring House Coworking
The Office Pass

Mind you that demand for coworking workspace is not only limited to Tier 1 cities. Real estate developers have come up with projects devoted to coworking spaces in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities as well. Players like Work Garage and My Branch in Guwahati, and Work Studio in Ranchi are testimonials. This is the disruption startups is creating in India!!

Are you ready to tap into the coworking culture? Who knows!! One of you might set up your startup in a coworking office nearby… Best of Luck!!!

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