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Blur an Image – MS Paint

While working on my blogs, I have felt the necessity to blur some parts of the images that I upload. I may not want to publicly disclose my password or any private information. I was looking for all sorts of photo editing software like Photoshop, online tools and so on. But wait!! I got my solution in the Microsoft tool “MS Paint”, which is readily available in all Windows machine!! Cool isn’t it… So, now you can blur an Image in MS Paint!!

Just follow below steps!!!

Open the image that you want to modify in MS Paint.

MS Paint

Go to ‘Select’ and choose ‘Rectangular Section’. Now select area that you want to blur out.

MS Paint

From ‘Resize’option, go to Pixels.

MS Paint
Un-check ‘Maintain aspect ratio’ option and reduce the horizontal and vertical pixels. Click OK.

MS Paint

You will get a image where the portion that you want to blur will be reduced to a smaller size.

Drag and enlarge the image to fit into the original size.

MS Paint

Hurray!!! You are done!!

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