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Best Tool to Prevent Click Fraud – Improvely

Yet another tool…’Best Tool to Prevent Click Fraud- Improvely’!! Yeah!

Online advertising, also known as online marketing, is the new marketing strategy for advertisers. Imagine that with more than 4 billion people on the Internet, your reach to promote your products or brand is unlimited. You have social media, search engines, landing pages, websites, and mobile apps to use in your online advertising.

To run your online campaigns and ads effectively, you need to reach your customers, drive more traffic, and stay safe from fraud and spam. The ultimate goal of advertising is CONVERSIONS, also known as SALES. Wonder if you get a tool that can help you solve all the odds in online advertising and increase your sales! IMPROVELY is the way to go!

Improvely is an all-in-one tool for online marketers. It relieves you from deriving various data from multiple sites by providing information on a single platform. You can use that information to develop your marketing strategy. You can increase your income, keep click fraud at bay, and also eliminate referral spam.


Conversion Tracking & Conversion Attribution

Improvely gathers all information related to your online marketing campaigns in a single platform. It tracks all clicks, conversions, and revenue, and gives you a comprehensive view of your ads.

The Best Traffic Reports:

Improvely provides comprehensive traffic reports where you can find out how your ads are performing (or not working) and where conversions and revenue are being generated.

Below are some of the segments and metrics that Improvely base its reports:

Unique Visits
Landing Page
Ad Content
Device type
Conversion Rate, and a few more!!

Custom-Built Funnel Reports:

With the funnel report, you get an idea of a user’s journey from interacting with your website/ad to actually converting (or not converting) into a sale. This will allow you to identify strong segments and segments that require improvement.

Customer Profiles:

Improvely creates a customer profile of all visitors with information on conversions, visit history, location, conversion time, and more.

And Much More

In-Built A/B Split Testing tools
Dashboard with key metrics
Export Reports in CSV format
Email alerts for conversions
API for Custom Tracking, etc

Click Fraud Monitoring

Click fraud is the biggest problem for online marketers. You lose a substantial amount of revenue due to click fraud.
Improvely helps address this menace with the following features:

Immediate detection of Click Frauds:

Improvely monitors click around the click and immediately informs you of any fraudulent activity.

Block and Deter Click Frauds:

Improvely redirect fraud clickers by sending them to a warning page. It also collects fraudulent click-source IP addresses so you can block them from seeing your ads.

Recover lost money from PPC ads due to click frauds:

Improvely record all click scams and send you reports with information on IP addresses, locations, referrer URLs, timestamps, etc. You can submit the report to the site or search engine where your ads are running and request a refund.

So, with all these features around, Improvely is undoubtedly the Best Tool to Prevent Click Fraud.

Agency & White Label

With agency-ready reports, Improvely helps you increase your revenue while keeping your clients happy.
Your customers will get all the information in a single portal, including fraud clicks and new sales alerts.
You only pay for one Improvely account and serve multiple clients. You can offer your clients access to Improvely reports from your domain. You can provide full control or read-only reports to clients.

Affiliate Marketing

Improvely also offers conversion tracking tools for affiliate marketing. Now you can easily link your commissions to your campaigns. You will get to know which keywords, landing page, or ads are actually turning into sales.

Improvely also hides your affiliate links and removes referrals from your traffic. In this way, you stay ahead of your potential competitors and snoopers.

Plus, Improvely works best with almost 95% of affiliate programs. Even if some of the affiliate programs are not integrated with Improvely, you can submit a commission report to Improvely for analysis.

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Improvely is a hosted service. You can access Imporvely from your browser in any device. You do not need to pay for updates. Be assured, you always view the latest version of Improvely.

If you haven’t tried Improvely, do it now!

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