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Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) is a web service by Google that provides us insights into how we can optimize visibility of our website so that it can have better SEO rankings. It essentially gives us information on how Google sees our website thorough various tools. You can monitor the tools, analyze traffic and visitor metrics, and take necessary corrective measures. ‘Add Website to Google Search Console‘ is a must for you if you have your own websites.

First thing first!!

You must have a gmail account in order to access Google Search Console. Then you will have to add your website to Google Search Console and then verify that you are the domain owner.

I will try to explain step wise on how you will add your domain to Google Search Console.

You can access Google Search Console website using below link:

Google Search Console

Now, login using your gmail account.

Google Search Console

If this is the first time, you are accessing Google Search Console, then you will see below screen to add your site property.

Google Search Console

If you already have a domain registered before, then you will get below screen. You need to click “Add property” and proceed.

I will use “URL prefix”. In the URL Prefix, enter enter your complete URL. For example, if your site is it needs to be that exact URL. Remember that http: and https: are counted as different sites.

Google Search Console

Next, you’ll need to verify domain ownership.

Google provides a few different ways of doing this. I prefer using html file for verification.

Click on “try a URL prefix property instead”

Google Search Console

In “HTML file” section, download the file and store in your computer. Keep this window open.

Google Search Console

Now, open cPanel of your domain and go to “File Manager”

Google Search Console

In the public_html folder, access the folder holding your sub-domain. Please note that if you have only one domain, then you just need to access the public_html folder.

Click the “upload” button, and upload the html file that you have saved earlier from Google Search Console.

Google Search Console

Now, go and “Verify” your site.

Google Search Console

You will get a “Ownership Verified” confirmation.

Google Search Console

You can now view the dashboard and various tools in Google Search Console menu.

Google Search Console

Great work! You’ve just connected your website to Google Search Console!

I will write a detailed article on how to use Google Search Console to make your website more SEO friendly.

That is a topic for a later day!!! Stay tuned!!!

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