Add Facebook Page To Your Website
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How to Add Facebook Page To Your Website

How nice it will be if you add Facebook Page to your Website? Well!! Its pretty easy!!

Lets explore this topic step by step.

Step1: Open the developers site of Facebook and go to the docs/plugins/page-plugin page.

Step2: Scroll down to Page Plugin and click on Web.

Step3: Now add your Facebook Page URL, pixel values and other settings. You can preview how the image will look.

Once done, press on ‘Get Code‘ tab.

Step4: 2 sets of code in Step 1 and Step 2 will be generated:

Step5: Go to WordPress Dashboard —> Appearance —> Widgets

Step6: Select the Text Widget and Add Widget to the Right Sidebar (or any place you want to display)

Step7: A placeholder will be opened where you can enter the Title and the Code.

Step8: Copy the codes generated in Step4 (first copy the code from Step 1 and paste in the widget window. Then copy code from Step 2 and append it in the widget window)

Save and you are done. You can see the Facebook Page Widget on the right sidebar of your website page.

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