Hello Friends,

Welcome to "My Tech Scribbles"!! As the name suggests, this site is primarily a placeholder where we discuss anything and everything related to emerging technologies, namely, tips and tricks related to digital marketing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, WordPress, Web Site Design and hosting, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, books & gadget reviews, entrepreneurship, and many more.

I hold an Engineering degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from NIT, and have worked extensively for over 16 years in reputed MNCs on latest and edge-cutting technologies. Being a globetrotter, thanks to my job profile, I have gathered valuable insights into the thought processes of people in general and countries in particular on how they have embraced what we may call "technological revolution", and more so, how they have geared up to welcome emerging technologies like IoT into their day-to-day life and operations.

I have started this blog to reach a wider audience so that I may share technical know-hows from my experiences, and hope to enrich my knowledge by means of interactive learning from my readers.

Come and lets sail together in the ocean of information!!


On another note, I am a great foodie by nature and farming is my hobby. I have been running another blog www.farmtorasoi.com where I have been sharing tasty and authentic recipes, farming tips and write-ups on must-visit restaurants. Do take sometime to visit www.farmtorasoi.com as well.

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